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Less than 3% of B2B leads convert to a customer. We think it's not acceptable! At Recotap, we are on a mission to improve the metric by Order of Magnitude.

We operate at the Intersection of Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence with deep underpinning to Personalisation to bring together a Systems-of-Intelligence Software platform, purpose-built for Marketers to generate more revenue and get better ROI of their Marketing budgets.

With Recotap B2B Marketers can execute Targeted Account Based Marketing campaigns, at scale. Recotap AI helps companies Programmatically Identify, Engage and Convert, their target Accounts.

Our Founding Team

Arun Gopalaswami

Arun Gopalaswami

Co-founder & CEOTwitterTwitter
Ganesh Chithambalam

Ganesh Chithambalam

Founder & CTOTwitterTwitter

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