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Deliver highly focused messages to each of your target account prospects, based on where they are in their consideration cycle.
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Recotap Target

Recotap combines traditional demand generation tactics such as ads, emails and other digital channels to reach target accounts and deliver right messages in front of the right people at the right time. Recotap helps to target the most relevant buyers within the Target accounts and land them to personalised webpages tailored to their information needs.

Account Based Advertising

With the right Target accounts identified, Recotap enables marketers to reach buyers in target Accounts by placing personalized ads on third-party websites and social media platforms based on their buy Intent. ABA presents the edge that the traditional advertising mechanisms lack.

The account-based targeted advertising approach allows tailoring messaging right down to the department at your target company. ABA also allows different functions of a company to speak the same language, combine their focus and measure the same KPIs.

Account Based Advertising

Marketing and Sales together

ABA brings both sales and marketing together to deliver powerful results. Create momentum for sales activities by driving highly focused messages to each of the target prospects, based on where they are in their consideration cycle. When the target company is in ‘research mode’, drive awareness campaigns and as the deal phase moves to ‘consideration’ or ‘selection’ phase, the messaging will evolve to keep the momentum going – both with the direct contacts of the sales teams and as well as with the stakeholders they struggle to engage.

Personalised Email Campaigns

Brand protection

By having a direct relationship with over 5000 reputed B2B properties on the internet, Recotap AI ensures that your ads appear only on those websites when your target audience is browsing content which is of relevance to your brand.

Brand Protection

Why Recotap?


improvement in click-through rates when emails are Personalised.


marketing leads never convert to Sales when not nurtured.


average, marketing-driven “touches” required for a lead to convert into a paying customer.

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